1. Equipment & consumable

a. SureTouch:

is an FDA cleared device that uses a unique technology to detect breast masses including breast cancer (Employs the only sensor technology, Demonstrates superior miss rate and much lower rate of referrals, Dramatically reduces the cost of screening, Value across all participants in healthcare.

b. NanoCid : 

NanocidNanoCid Brand to serve Anti- bacteria, Anti-Virus and Anti molds with Nanotechnology, based on Nano TIO2 upon the readily available Titanium dioxide., NanoCid Is a photo catalytic TIO2 that effectively eradicates microorganisms and organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants and odors through a photo catalytic reaction ( using sunlight or daylight) with the TIO2 Nanotechnology, the NanoCid coating removes these types of contaminants by breaking them down into to harmiess H20 or CO by-products without any other waste. This process mas the NanoCid virtually self- cleaning it is odorless, colorless and safe to use in spray-on applications. Originally it was developed for use in hospitals and medical facilities, to fill a need for a robust microbial disinfectant, Nanocid has expanded and is available for use in both the commercial and consumer setting.

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